About us

ENVI jute & Leather Crafts has been sustaining a strong business positioning in the Bangladesh jute & leather industry with its exclusive jute & leather products and client-centric management principles.

The company does not deter from discharging its social and environmental responsibility, and ensures maintenance of its premises in the most eco-friendly way.

Over the years, the company has made smart investments on technology and installed sophisticated machinery and equipment across its various business units. The manufacturing cell is armed with latest machines and tools that aid in making the offered production in a smooth manner. Further, realizing our social & environmental responsibility, we have maintained our premises in the eco-friendly way.

The quality approach of the company can be best described through one of the most famous quotes by Henry Ford – “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”.

It is the dedication and industrious efforts of our team members that empower us to meet the clients demands successfully. We are supported by creative craftsmen, designers, skilled workers, production supervisors, delivery personnel and sales professionals. They put their foot to serve the clients in the best manner and take the company business to great levels. Our employees are well versed with clients requirements, business competition and market fluctuating trends. Their knowledge helps us to outmatch our clients expectations and stay ahead in the marketplace.

Our Mission

We, ENVI jute & Leather Crafts derive our motto through Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Ethical Practices and Customer Satisfaction.

As people all over the world become aware about the importance of protecting the environment and using green products, the demand for them has become increasingly higher. Standing on today’s competitive platform we help you to keep our environment clean and green by our eco-friendly products at a reasonable cost. We put our efforts to protect the environment and show concern for our future generation.

We take pride in our being global entity. Our belief in inclusiveness for long-term sustainable growth and economic prosperity evokes trust among consumers, employees, suppliers, partners and the community.


Core values

  • Our Purpose – To market jute & leather as the most affordable and eco-friendly packaging solution to global consumers
  • Honesty, Integrity, Transparency & Trust
  • Commit to excellence and deliver only quality products to clients
  • Innovative designs and style setting a trend in the market
  • Fine workmanship, creativity and excellent finishing reflected in our exquisite products
  • Prompt deliveries and customer satisfaction–our top priority
  • Intense efforts of designers and craftsmen to bring out the best in every item.